There are a lot of photo filter apps but the new app Prisma takes photo art to the next level. Turn simple pictures or drawings into realistic modern paintings in seconds and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites for impressive eye-catching posts.

Prism App - Filter Transformation on Image in New EnglandThe app is easy to use. Take a picture with the app or select a photo from you library. Choose from 30 different contemporary unique effects – such as Urban, Mononoke, Illegal Beauty, The Scream, etc. These effects go far beyond typical filters like gray scale, festive, retro and are actually based on famous artists and patterns. You can alter the intensity of the filter to make the perfect piece of art.

In addition to converting pictures you can convert drawings into amazing photo paintings. Try taking a sketch or incomplete drawing and apply any of the filters. You get dozens of beautiful variations of the artwork in minutes.

Prima App Transformation on drawing by FulemyArtwork used with permission by Instagram User: Fulemy

Sharing, Saving & Printing

You can save your modified images to your camera roll or share them directly from the app to Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately, if you want to print your photo to hang in your home or office, you may be out of luck. The app saves the image to a small file size (under 1MB) therefore it does not allow you to print a hi-quality photo or poster. In addition the images have an annoying Prisma watermark in the bottom right corner.  The app is free and currently there is no option for purchasing a pro version for non watermark or high-resolution photos.

Important – Photo Rights

Prisma is a free app and as part of the Terms of Service you agree to allow Prisma to use any of your art creations royalty-free.  The exact wording (as of the date of this article) reads “ . . . you hereby grant to Prisma a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you stylize on or through the Service . . .” If you don’t want Prisma to use your photo you may not want to use the Prisma app.

You can find the complete terms here:

Prisma App - Review and examples - Filter Transormation on profile ImageThis new app is gaining popularity quickly. Try it out by making your profile picture go from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds.   Have fun and impress your friends & family with gorgeous photo re-creations.


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