9 Tips for conserving your smartphone battery.

Carl sent in “My battery runs down quickly. How do I know which apps are consuming the most power?”

Top battery consuming apps are usually games, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Spotify. Any app that use a lot of video, audio, or location tracking consumes battery life more quickly.   To see exactly which apps are using up YOUR battery: on iOS go to Settings > Battery to see a percentage breakdown.

Closing out those apps, turning off location services and setting your sleep mode to 30 seconds will drastically increase your battery life. On iOS you can also set your battery to low power mode, which will turn off background refresh and other services.

If you will be traveling, or be out and about and have limited access to a power source you can use any or all of the following options to increase the life of your battery.

1 – Dim your screen

Your screen is one of the biggest consumers of battery power.

  • iOS:  Settings > Display & Brightness
  • Android:  Settings > Display > Brightness Level

2 – Set your sleep mode to 1 minute or less

  • iOS:  Settings > General > Auto-Lock
  • Android:  Settings > Display > Sleep

3 – Disable “Background App Refresh”

This keeps apps from updating their content even when they are not in use.  You can disable this for individual apps or globally.

  • iOS:  Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Android:  See “Battery Saver” below

4 – Turn off location services 

You can disable this for individual apps or turn it off globally.

  • iOS:  Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • Android: Settings > Location

5 – Close open apps

Most apps that are left open typically do not consume much battery power however, there are some apps that require constant updates – such as location – and they will try and update even though they are not in use.  Rather than trying to figure out which apps are using battery power and which ones aren’t, close out any apps that you are not using.

6 – Low Power Mode (iOS) | Battery Saver (Android)

This temporarily disables many of the items listed here including background app refresh.   Once your smartphone is sufficiently charged Low Power Mode (Battery Saver) automatically turns off and the features are reenabled.

  • iOS:  Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
  • Android:  Settings > Battery.  Tap the three menu dots in upper right corner. Then Tap Battery saver.

7 – Use Wi-Fi rather than cellular

Whenever possible use Wi-Fi rather than cellular service as it consumes less battery power.

8 – Turn off Bluetooth

  • iOS: Settings > Bluetooth
  • Android:  Settings > Bluetooth

9 – Avoid playing games or downloading files such as video, images, etc.