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We love to hear from you! Submit your tech questions to Francie using the form on the right and we’ll cover the most popular questions on air.  Some questions people have sent in are: What is Roku and how does it differ from Apple TV?  What is Airdrop? How do I find the best prices online when shopping?

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Francie Black, HostMany people are intimated by technology and can’t keep up the rapid pace in which it evolves. Tech Tip Today takes relevant modern-day tech questions, provides friendly relatable direct “How To” answers, with immediate benefit – use it today! Questions come from the top Internet searched tech questions, tech relevant to news, and questions posted to A broad range of tech questions are answered.  Examples include:

  • How do I conserve my smartphone battery while traveling?
  • What is Airdrop?  (the most frequently searched tech question on the Internet in 2014)
  • What is Google Shopping?
  • How do I create keyboard shortcuts?
  • What is an easy way to create a team photo sharing site?

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How do I conserve my smartphone battery?

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