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Tech Tango Today is an innovative and fresh content company. We independently produce two modern day 50-60 second news inserts: App of the Week & Tech Tip Today that are available to insert into any programming as a highly beneficial consumer appeal feature.

Tech Tango started as a two-week trial with an ABC News affiliate and turned into 130+ TV segments with immediate user benefit – use it today! Millions of eyeballs turn to the Internet to find the latest apps and tech tips. Your TV Station or content provider can bring these solutions directly to their viewing audience every week without the expensive time to research, write and produce the content.

App of the Week & Tech Tip Today are produced and distributed to TV stations every week. Let your audience join the millions of viewers that watch and love these segments.

You can see our segments on these and many other stations:


Segment Customization options are available.  Contact Us for details.

Tech Tip Today” answers the most frequently searched consumer tech questions on the Internet & questions submitted by viewers.    A wide range of topics are covered that focus on helping consumers gain value out of the technology they use daily.

Can you answer these questions?

  • How do I get better search results in Google?
  • How do I backup my mobile device?
  • What is Google flight search?
  • How do I print from my mobile device?
  • What is the difference between SMS & MMS texting & why should I care?

“App of the Week” – Features a hot new app each week.  Apps covered are relevant to consumers and small businesses covering topics such as health & fitness apps, lifestyle, travel, productivity, photo & video and more.  It is similar to the app cards you get at Starbucks locations, but way better, because you get a demo of the app!

Do you know these apps?

  • What app helps me find the lowest prices on airfare & sends me notifications when the price drops?
  • How do I monitor what my teen is posting on social media?
  • How do I use my smartphone to scan multiple docs into a single PDF to share?

Bring the answers to your audience!

Station Benefits

  • Receive weekly relevant, hot tech video content without the production expense.
  • The station broadcasts content with immediate audience benefit – use it today!
  • Receive fresh, modern content each week that is presented in a friendly, relatable (non-geeky) manner.
  • Turn online searches to your TV station and website.
  • You become a hero because you help solve trending tech questions.

Tech Tango Today was founded by corporate technology veteran, Francie Black.   She was the manager of Internet development for a fortune 500 company and led the development of many applications that are used worldwide.   She first brought her corporate technology experience to the masses as the technology expert for ABC WLOS News “App Chat” which started in 2013 and is still airing weekly, having filmed over 150 live segments.

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