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Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before making it more difficult for consumers to find, learn and harness the power our devices have to offer.  Tech Tango Today helps solve this problem for consumers through unique broadcast television segments.  With thousands of apps and technology features available, every segment is focused on providing viewers a specific benefit they can immediately apply.  The segments are all presented in a friendly, relatable manner that viewers feel they can trust.

Broadcasters benefit by providing direct solution and immediate benefits to their audience.  As a result broadcasters gain loyal viewers who feel like they miss out if they don’t see the segment.  Broadcaster get an experienced technologist, focused content, and a trustworthy presentation that makes their viewers loyal.

Francie it the technology expert for each of the segments.  She has presented technology all over the world to both technical and non technical audiences.  She loves to help people harness the power available to them in a non intimidating way.

Tech Tango Today – Syndicated Content

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and most people have a hard time keeping up or feel intimidated.  Tech Tango takes modern day relevant tech questions and provides friendly relatable direct “How To” answers with immediate viewer benefit – use it today!  Tech Tango is available for syndication.  More Info . . .

App Chat – ABC WLOS News


App Chat Tech Tango Today Image“I follow your segment.  It’s very interesting but more important, applicable.” Terry


What started off as a short term trial is still going strong after 2+ years!  Viewers have come to depend on getting tips on the latest hot apps each week.  With over 100 segments Francie Black continues as the technology expert for ABC WLOS News “App Chat” which airs live each week.  In this 4 minute segment Francie and the News Anchor discuss and demo the latest trends in mobile app technology.  The audience receives an introduction to hot apps, sees a demo, and gets questions answered that are asked by the Anchor.  “App Chat” has gained a loyal following and provides the viewers with immediate benefit.  “App Chat” is an ABC WLOS News 13 franchise.  More Info . . .

Moms Going Mobile

Moms Going Mobile is a 60 second free standing news insert that focuses on mobile technology gadgets, accessories, and apps specifically for the mobile mom.  Our technology expert, Francie Black is a mother of four and provides technology solutions that are fun, fashionable, family friendly, and makes mobile mother’s life easier. More Info…

One thought on “TV Segments

  1. Was hoping to find the app you were talking about that let’s you enjoy local TV channels for streaming? I believe it aired on the 30th during Daytime with Kimberly and Esteban


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