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Get into the modern workflow with Evernote Scannable.  This app allows users to create crystal clear scans quickly and to get them to the desired recipient with minimal effort.  Scannable does not store the scans in your camera roll with your family pics.  It is automatic (no buttons to press), auto corrects the image for clarity, and auto detects the size and shape of the paper being scanned.

The old method:  Take a picture of the document then choose to text or email the jpeg image file from your Camera  roll.  While this method is convenient and familiar there are limitations.  If you have a multiple page document and you want to send it out as a single PDF file; common for contracts and other types of agreements, it is not easily done with the camera option.  Other problems include lighting issues, the document isn’t square on the page and you have to switch between apps for sharing the files via mail, texting, etc.  Also, the Camera on your smartphone does not detect the size or shape of the paper.

The popular note taking app Evernote came out with this new document scanning app in January 2015. “Scannable” does not require any hardware and has features built in that make scanning documents to a PDF a breeze.  Scannable automatically adjusts the lighting, framing, and alignment of your documents.

One of my favorite features is that you can scan a multiple page document and send it via email or text as a single PDF file in a matter of seconds without leaving the app.

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Built in to Scannable is a business card reader.  It scan business cards giving you the option to save the contact information to phone’s address book, share it, or save in Evernote.

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You can also save anything you scan directly into your Evernote Notebooks for organization.  This is a popular choice for recipes, project folders, expense reporting, etc.  This app is excellent for the home or office and makes managing papers manageable.


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Scannable is currently available for iPhones, iPads, iPods.  An Android App is planned but not yet available and no availability date is published as of the date of this article.


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