MamaBear App IconDo you know what your teen is posting on social media? How often are they online? How fast are they driving? Have they arrived at school yet?  These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by MamaBear app, a social media and driving monitoring app for parents & teens.

There are dozens of apps that help parents monitor their children for safety and online activities.  Some apps focus on safe browsing,  others on driving habits, others monitor usage and a few focus on social media activity.  MamaBear touts themselves as being the “all-in-one, worry free, parenting app”.  Its multi focus allows you to see your child’s activities on social media, receive driving & location alerts and have a private hub for family communication. Eric Elder, Chief Marketing Officer, provided a few statistics based on background research by MamaBear from various sources:

  • Approximately 72% of Teens have a social media profile
  • Nearly 25% of teens with social media accounts login 10x per day or more
  • Approximately 50% of teens have social profiles that are public (can be seen by everyone).  Eric referred to this as “…indiscriminate over sharing of private information”.
  • 88% of teens have seen someone be cruel to someone else online which could be signs of cyber bullying.

Social Media Monitoring

Olivia Social Media Profile MamaBearWith MamaBear you can track your child’s activity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Once you connect to your child’s social media through MamaBear, the app notifies you when they have new friends & followers, and when they are tagged in posts and photos.  As a parent you can add restricted words.  If your child uses or receives a post using the words on social media the parent is notified.  This helps identify potentially harmful activity or bullying. MamaBear provides a single location to monitor the three most popular social media services.  It is much more efficient than going to multiple social media sites or apps to see if you can figure out your child’s activity on each service. MamaBear Restricted Words Setup

MamaBear Safe Driving Features

In addition to social media monitoring, MamaBear provides safe driving features for your teens.  You can set a MamaBear alert to notify you if your child is driving over a specified speed limit.  The alert provides the location of the incident but does not reveal how fast the driver was going.  You can only set one speed alert.  In other words, you cannot set an alert for 65 MPH; 75 MPH and 80MPH so it is difficult to tell just how fast the child was driving. MamaBear Driving Alert Setup   MamaBear Driving Alert Notification

MamaBear Location Services

There are several location services in MamaBear.  There is a simple map locator that tells you where you child is (assuming he/she has his smartphone with him).  Tap Map, and MamaBear zooms in showing the location of the phone and child.  If you have the entire family on MamaBear, then all family member locations will show on the map.  Another location service allows you to define specific addresses that if your child arrives, leaves or should not be at that location, the parent is notified.  Common “Safe Places” are school, home, work, sport field.  “Restricted Places” might be a bar, a store or a particular friend’s house. Safe Place 2

Stealth App?

Your child is not necessarily aware when a parent is notified of activity, however, the app is not specifically designed to be a secret.  When you install MamaBear on your smartphone you will have to obtain your child’s social media account in order for the monitoring to work.  If you want to use the location service features you will have to install the app on your child’s phone and they will see the app icon.  If the child has full access to all smartphone features they could delete the app.  The app does not have to be on the child’s phone to use the social media monitoring features but you will have to setup their social media account information on the parent phone. If you are concerned about a child deleting the app or turning off location services (which is required for the location service features),  turn on Restricted Access in Settings and set up a parent password and a child/family password.  Then, restrict what access the child has on the phone such as deleting apps or turning on/off location services.   MamaBear is a simple app that does not restrict a child’s activity on social media so they get the freedom they desire.  The parents get a feeling of safety and being in touch with a complicated social media scene.


  • Free – Ad Supported
  • $14.99 – No ads.  Three month premium account with the added feature of getting prior weeks daily location information and more detailed post information.
  • $24.99 – No ads.  Premium Account, with one month free.

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