Waze App Icon - Community Navigation and ReportingWaze App is fun and useful for daily driving, as well as, for longer road trips.  The community of “Wazers” contribute to the daily traffic activity reporting on accidents, police sitings, road hazard like potholes and stalled vehicles.  The app goes far beyond red dots of traffic indicators and provides much more real time information in a fun way.  Waze is a community of traffic reporters helping each other in real-time when you need it. Waze User Reporting Screen Shots On your map anyone using Waze shows up on a map as one of a variety of icons you can choose to represent yourself.  If you prefer not to show on the map, you can make yourself invisible.  Nearby or along your route you will see what the community of Waze users has reported. Waze Reporting As a Wazer, you gain points and additional functionality when you report on driving conditions.  With just a quick tap on the colorful icons you contribute to the community.  You can also send and receive messages from other Waze users.   Waze Gas Prices Waze has a built in search for nearby gas stations showing updated pricing.  Users can also report gas prices along a given route. Waze Navigation Plan a trip and navigate to your destination with all of the Wazer community input to make your trip safe and avoid potential hazards/traffic.  The navigation on Wazer is much more fun and informative than the typical red dots on most nav systems.


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