Artec Group unveiled their 3D Body Scanner – Shapify Booth – at International CES in January.  Winner of the CES Live 2015 award for best 3D product, Artec stunned the audience by offering free full body scans that print out a 6″ Shapify Model.  It was amazing.  Think about going to the Sears Portrait Studio and in replacement of, or in addition to your photograph, you can get a Shapify body scan in 12 seconds.   The Scan is used to create a 3D figurine, a Shapie, which is your own 3D mini-me in high-resolution and full color.  While Sears currently doesn’t have the Shapify Booth, locations are starting to pop up in malls and other locations in the United States and World.


3D Artec Shapies - from Shapify Me Booth

It takes about 12 seconds to scan the body.  Following the scan you can see the digital image that is used to create the 3D Shapify model of yourself.  You can preserve cherished memories – pregnancy, birthdays, graduations and weddings – in full color, quality and detail in 3D form – down to the wrinkles in your shirt or the tattoo on your arm.  The figurines cost about $150.00 each and come in 3 sizes:  6, 7.5 and 9 inches.

Video of 3D Body Scan in Action

See the full Process in action: Shapify Booth doing scan, the produced digital image and the figurine.  This video was taken at International CES in January 2015, Las Vegas.



President Obama 3D Scan

Even President Obama has been 3D scanned by Artec Group.  Because they were only scanning his head for a Presidential bust, the 3D handled scanner version was used rather than the full Shapify Booth.  Every President since Lincoln has had a bust made, traditionally with molded plaster.  President Obama is the first President to be digitally scanned for his bust.  You can see more info on the President’s scan on the Smithsonian website or at

President Obama is digitally scanned by Artec for his Presidential Bust


Shapify Booth in Ohio - Doppelganger Laboratories in the Dayton Mall – Dayton, OH
Doppelganger Laboratories in the Dayton Mall – Dayton, OH

Shapify Booth Locations

The first three Shapify booths locations in the US are:

  • Doppelganger Laboratories in the Dayton Mall – Dayton, OH
  • Artec Showroom – Palo Alto, CA
  • Freehold Raceway Mall – Freehold, NJ (Grand opening March 2015)

You can also find Shapify Booths in Europe in the Walmart-owned ASDA superstores in the UK


In addition to people, other things that are getting 3D digitally scanned are Famous Artifacts so that they are digitally preserved.


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