Elevate App Icon Transparent Background 150Elevate brain training app won Best App of 2014 and Editors’ Choice award by Apple.  It was one of the top downloaded apps.  There are many brain training apps:  Lumosity, Fit Brains, MindGames and many more.  All are designed to give your brain some exercise in a wide variety of mental areas – decision making, retention, recall, etc.  The concept is, we exercise our body muscles but we don’t ofter do repetitive exercises for our brains.  Each of these apps takes a unique approach to exercising the brain in hopes of gaining both short term and long term cognitive benefits.

Elevate approaches brain training in a fun and creative way with over 25 games.  After taking an initial assessment test, Elevate personalizes a daily training plan for you.  Each of the exercise plans are based on unique games designed to challenge you at a level that is right for you.  You can see your progress and choose to do more if desired.  A typical recommended daily training plan is about 3-5 mins long.  According to Elevate, users who perform these brain exercises at least 4x a week “… have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.”

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Additional features of elevate include detailed performance tracking, daily reminder for workouts, difficulty progression, repeats exercises as needed.

In my personal experience, I found that in daily work tasks I was more aware of some of the decisions I made, due to the exercises I have done with Elevate.  This is currently a short term benefit and will be interested to see if there are long term benefits as well.

Elevate offers a free version of the app, which is excellent.  To get the full experience with more games and options a Pro version is available on a subscription basis.

Elevate is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users.  I feel this is a must have app for anyone of any age.


  • Base version:  Free
  • One month of Elevate Pro:  $4.99
  • 1 year of Elevate Pro $44.99

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