Khan Academy just released its brand new educational iPad App. The new app goes beyond its traditional video tutorials and offers an interactive experience with feedback, helpful tips and a drawing board for practice.  If you log in and create an account you can track your progress and mastery of a given skill.  Khan Academy has taken its extensive video library of tutorials and made an entire learning system.

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You can use Khan Academy to supplement your existing learning in the classroom or use as an independent study tool for quick reference or for skill mastery.  Khan Academy is for all ages and all skill levels.Khan Acadmey iPad App Topics

If you are a stay at home mom looking to return to the workforce, a veteran who would like to brush up on a desired skills, a student who needs supplemental learning on a subject or an enthusiast who wants to study a topic on his own schedule, Khan Academy can help.   The noble mission of this non profit organization is:  “To provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.”  This app and organization opens the world of education and possibilities to everyone.

Khan Academy iPad App Topics 2


The library of content is expansive with over 5000 videos and 100,000 interactive tutorials on topics that range from basic math to organic chemistry, art, and health and science.

Khan Academy iPad App Topic Details Chemistry


The new interactive workspace allow you to practice (write, erase, draw) problems, get helpful hints and watch videos for instruction on how to solve similar problems.  Write your answers in the hand writing recognition area and the app fills your answer in the box.  No keyboard is ever required and 3D models will rotate so you can explore them from multiple views.  Tap Check, to get a confetti party if you got the right answer.  If you login and create an account you can track your progress through a set of skills.

Khan Academy iPad App Interactive Tutorial


This is a must have app for everyone.  Use it for a quick reference or to expand your horizons on a new subject area.  You no longer have an excuse.  Never stop learning.


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