3D Pop Up Valentine's Card kissing swans 200Are you looking for a unique way to show your love this Valentine’s Day?  With these 3D Valentine’s Day pop up cards you are sure to please your special someone.  These 3D cards are fun to make by combining a little tech, craftiness and love.  These special cards are a unique way to show your love this Valentine’s Day.   I have featured four different  3D Valentine’s Day card templates that are free from a variety of sources (Kirigami 3D, TC Games, Sevelenia).  The card designs are arranged from easiest to hardest.  I recommend starting with the Bear Love pop up card.  Once you get the hang of it try the Swans of Love or Love Angels card.  If you master those, then the Pop Up Pile of Hearts card will be a breeze.

4 Free Download Templates:  See the free 3d Popup card templates below the card images  in red.


I have attached the free downloadable templates here for quick and easy access.  Each template has a corresponding instruction video showing the steps for making each card.  Add a box of chocolates to these home made 3D Valentine’s card and your love will feel special.

Here are a few tips and a supply list to get you started.  Most of the supplies are common items most everyone will have.  If you need to purchase a supply or two they are all reusable so you are not wasting money.

Basic supplies needed

  • Paper – regular printer paper, card stock or patterned paper of contrasting colors
  • Glue – glue stick or rubber cement are recommended
  • Sharp Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife – (Optional but recommended)
  • Cardboard – (for use with X-Acto knife)
  • Markers (optional)


Paper:  Use contrasting colors of paper for the 3D cut out and the card cover.  You can use regular paper for the cut outs but it is easier to cut and fold with card stock paper.  Using patterned bright background papers add a nice touch and can make a card really pop.

Cutting:  You can use a sharp pair of scissors but we found that an x-axto knife makes it much easier.  If you are using an x-acto knife you will need a piece of cardboard to use underneath the template so you don’t scratch the table surface.

Templates & Scaling:  These free 3D card templates are from a variety of sources.  I found that if I scaled them to a larger size when printing they were easier to work with.  To enlarge the template, when you choose File, Print look for an option to scale the image.  I scaled several of the templates to 125% which I felt made them easier to cut out.  I also found a few minor errors in a couple of the template.  It did not effect the outcome but I had to make slightly different cuts (ex:  around the neck of the Bear Love).

Coloring:  If you want to add some more color to the designs like shown in several of these examples you can color in the hearts or shapes to add a little splash.  The templates look great against colorful bold backgrounds but if you don’t have the flashy paper then adding some coloring will do the trick.

Printing Template:  Although the majority of these templates are in black and white, if you print them on a color printer you will see different colored lines that show where to cut (black) and where to fold (red).  Blue lines are folded to but fold back where as red lines fold out.  Because the lines are small, the color difference can be difficult to see.


Bear Love Pop Up Card



Swans of Love



Love Angels Valentines Card



Pop up Pile of Hearts 3D  Valentine’s Day Card

Pop Up Card Hearts 3D Valentine's Day Card


Enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day.