Has Santa taken flight yet?  Where is Santa now?  With the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Santa Tracker mobile you can see where Santa has been and where he is headed.  The experts at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have been tracking Santa for more than 50 years!  In addition to tracking Santa this free app offers access to the NORAD Secret Santa Files which includes details on how NORAD tracks, Santa’s routes, who he visits and a little insight on how Santa can travel the world in 24 hours.

Tracking Santa with Norad

You can also watch videos of NORAD’s staff working on the high end equipment they use to track Santa and his sleigh.  If you explore the North Pole you will also find details on how to help others this Christmas with NORAD’s “Operation Good Will”.


NORAD Santa Tracker Santas Village

Norad Santa Tracker Beijing  China

Direct Download link for NORAD Santa Tracker 2014