Petcube App Icon logo 150Petcube is the first product that allows you to interact with your pets using your smartphone while away from home.  There are many devices that let you remotely watch your pet, but the Petcube allows you to talk and play with him as well.  If you are at work, on the road, or shopping, you can check in and have a little playtime with your pet from anywhere using the companion app on your smartphone.

Petcube_Camera-Dog-and-Cat Play with LaserFrom the Petcube App, you can watch live video of your pet and easily take a picture with just two taps of your finger.  You can share the live video feed with other Petcube users, family or friends.   Family members will have the same level of access to the Petcube as you do.  Your family members can check and play with your pets, too!

You can set exact days and time periods for “Friends” to access pet cute – such as weekends or from 9 till 5.  Tap “Laser” to activate the laser pointer, which you can move around for your pet to chase.  Sliding your finger on your smartphone screen allows you to move the laser pointer up, down, left, right and in any crazy pattern you want to make.  Taping “Sound” allows you to talk with your pet and you can hear him, too!

The explore feature allows you to view photos taken and uploaded by other Petcube users.  You can upload and share photos from your camera roll or photos taken with the Petcube Camera.


Check out the ABC News app review on Petcube Camera to see how it all works!

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The Petcube takes about 5 minutes to setup and is very easy.  The Petcube camera sits inside a 4″ x 4″ stylish designed cube with an embedded 720p HD video streaming camera, controllable laser beam and 2-way audio connection.  Plug it into any standard US outlet then connect it to your home Wi-Fi to make it available on your smartphone.

Petcube Camera In Action

Interesting fact:  Petcube Camera was funded on Kickstarter  and became one of the most successful pet product crowd funding campaigns in history.

When using Petcube video features be aware that cellular data rates may apply.


  •   $199


Note:  The Android supported Petcube begins shipping in January 2015 however, you can still place your order now.  

The batch that begins shipping in February has the same feature set as the current Petcube but additionally supports Android smartphone devices.


  • Order directly from the manufacturer at

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