International CES 2015 CES Unveiled Sneak preview

Over 100,000 people converged on Las Vegas last week for International CES 2015 (Consumer electronics showcase).  I was able to get the inside scoop on the latest in consumer electronics as a member of the press, as well as, a CES Innovations Award Judge.  Here is a sneak peek into just a few of the fun and interesting consumer technologies that will be hitting the market in 2015.   This year’s tech show focused on the Internet of Things:  everything is connected some how some way.  From toothbrushes that tell you if you are brushing your teeth correctly, to medical devices, to wearables for you, your child and even your pet.   The connected home, Ultra 4K TV’s, endless accessories for every life style and need, as well as, a large showcase of connected cars were all introduced in Las Vegas last week. Here are a few highlights straight from Las Vegas in our CES 2015 sneak preview.


HerO wearable trackable Smart Watch Band for Kids

Wearable devices are expanding beyond adults and are now reaching out to the kid market. hereO smart watches for children let you stay connected with your child no matter where they are with the device and companion mobile app.


Baby Temperature Sensor Device and App

Sensor technology is in everything: Toothbrushes, watches, light bulbs and even adhesive strips.   TEMP Traq, a Band-Aid type strip, adheres to your baby and tracks his temperature on your smartphone.   You don’t have to wake the baby or put a thermometer in a sick baby’s mouth to see if he is still running a temperature.



Insulin injection and glucose level smart tracker connected to your smartphone

A wide range of connected health devices are available such as the insulin injection and glucose level smart tracker that connect to your smartphone. These devices let you take charge of your health.


Mira Smart Watch for WomenSmart watches are everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes and track your heart rate, activity level, steps taken and even tell you the time!  Styles range from athletic looks to a sleek new smart watch by Mira that looks more like jewelry for women.


Smart Ring For the Connected Home

One of the most unusual devices introduced at CES 2015 is the smartring. Wave your hand in a user-defined pattern to turn your lights on & off, turn on the TV or other connected home devices.


Stone Cellular Device

The just released STRONE hardware device saves you from accruing data roaming on your cellular plan when traveling internationally.  Watch for a demo of this device when it begins shipping in the US market in March 2015.


3D Food Printer XYZ

3D Printing has expanded beyond printing plastic toys and models and can now print food in different shapes and sizes!


Tagg Pet Tracker

GPS tracking devices for pets and children are improving, as well as, shrinking in size.  Our friend Venus is showcasing the tagg pet tracker that helps you locate him if he accidentally gets away from you or home.


3D Game Maker introduces Snail Games USA, Inc.3D Gaming options are the next big thing.  Snail Games USA Inc introduced their 3D gaming hardware and software to the US at CES.  Their latest gaming hardware is the W 3D.


France Black interviews Engadget's  editor Michael Gorman at International CES 2015 I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Gorman, editor of Engadget, and talk about the big trends in consumer electronics.  The connected home, advanced television systems like Ultra 4K and major advancements by the automative industry are all big trends we will be seeing 2015 and beyond.  We’ll here more from Michael soon!

You heard if first on App Chat! We’ll be looking at these technologies and much more in upcoming App Chat segments with tech expert Francie Black.