Are you looking for Christmas tech gifts that are unique, fun and practical?  In today’s ABC News App Chat line up we have tech gift ideas for you that will please just about anyone who loves tech toys.  With these tech accessories you can personalize your tech look and have some fun, too.

Check out these cool products, direct purchase links and pricing.  Please be aware that prices were accurate at time of the writing however, they are subject to change at any time.   Price changes will not be reflected on this site, therefore it is best to check the reseller site for updated pricing.


Vera Bradley – Neoprene Tablet Sleeves

Fashion and tech blend beautifully with Vera Bradley designs.  When you get tired of carrying a black computer case like everyone else, try a Vera Bradley Laptop Sleeve or Laptop cases.   These stylish tech cases are unique in style and there are many beautiful fabrics and prints from which to choose.  Vera Bradley has a wide selection of laptop, tablet and other tech accessory options.  Browse and shop the online store at

VeraBradley Neoprene Laptop Case

  • $27.00 (Sale price at time of writing).  There are a wide range of prices on the laptop cases depending on size, pattern with or without handles, etc.  The 15.5″ neoprene Laptop Case pictured here ranges from $27.00 (sale price) to $54.00 at Vera
  • Neoprene Laptop Case
  • Some Vera Bradley products can be found and Barnes and Noble

Amped Wireless – Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Do you ever have a weak or slow Internet connection at home or in a hotel room?  This smart USB device boosts the connectivity of your Mac or Windows PC on Wi-Fi networks; up to double the range and speed of standard Wi-Fi adapters.  This USB adapter allows your computer to connect to Wi-Fi networks from extreme distances at a fast speed.  You can even stream HD content, download large files faster and surf the web faster and from a further distance.  The High Power 802.11 ac Wi-Fi USB adapter (UA230A) has high power amplifies and high gain antenna that provides wall penetrating Wi-Fi and gives you long range fast connectivity.  Install and setup the software then, simply plug the antenna into a USB port on your computer.  This devices improves your Wi-Fi connection at home or while you are traveling.  Check out more network products at

AmpedWireless USB Wi-Fi Adapter 2



LapGear – Smart Media Desk

This specialized media lapdesk is great when you are working, surfing the web, playing games or watching videos on your mobile devices. It is specially designed for laptops, tablets, eReaders and even your smartphone.  You can take it with you on road trips, use it while sitting on your bed or lounging on the couch.   The slot hold most tablets and the lip at the bottom prevents keyboards or laptops from sliding.  There is a specially designed no slip pad for your smartphone and the ergonomic wrist pads provide support while typing.  For a full selection of colors and other accessories visit

Lapgear Smart Media Desk 2 Lapdesk 450


TechArmor – iPhone 6 Cases & Accessories

Are you looking for a reliable case for your new (expensive) iPhone 6 / 6 Plus?  Try TechArmor.   The Active Series, SlimProtect and FlexProtect style groups have cases that will meet just about anyone’s need.  TechArmor is confident enough in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty, “while you play, we protect”.  And, with a wide selection of colors from pink, to clear to black you will find a case to match your personality.  Check out more options and other accessories at

TechArmor Cases Pink Gray Black 450


  • $19.99 for most cases.  Note:  They were running a 20% off sale but I’m not sure when that ends.

Lapgear – Tablet Pillow

Need a pillow for your tablet?  This cozy, lightweight specially designed pillow has a pocket to hold the edge of your tablet in place while it leans on the rest of the pillow at the perfect reading angle.  You can read or work without holding your tablet.  There are two side pockets for additional storage (which nicely holds a smartphone).  This is a great companion accessory for travel or at home comfort.


Lapgear Tablet Pillow with Tablet Aqua


Bose headphones

Bose has an extensive selection of headphones with a wide price range.  If your loved one cherishes a pure sound with significantly reduced background noise while listening to music, the Bose QC 25 – Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones may be the special gift for him/her.  These high quality headphones keep the outside world out so you can focus on the music.  They are light weight and designed for comfort.  Check out all the bose products at

Bose QC 25 Acoustic Noise Reducing Earphones 450

  • $299
  • Bose QC 25 (also available at BestBuy retailers, and other retailers, prices may vary)


OlloClip – Photo Lens

OlloClip has phone camera lenses that work on Android and iOS devices.   Depending on your smartphone model and the OlloClip you purchase you have lense features such as Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro lense capabilities.

OlloClip for Android and iOS Phone on iPhone 350

  • Price Ranges from $59.00 to $99.00
  • Also Available at Apple, Best Buy, Target


I hope you like these products as much as I do.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Francie Black