Gift It App Icon.  Shopping List and Countdown App 150“Gift It” is a creative app for helping you plan, budget and organize your Christmas shopping lists with a few simple taps.  If you can’t remember what you have purchased for each person or how much you have spent, this app can help.  Start off by setting your budget (you can easily modify it at anytime) then create your lists for the kids, friends, spouse, nieces & nephews, etc.  Add gift items to the list with dollar amounts if you want to track your spending.  You can easily mark items as purchased with a swipe and see what items you still have on your shopping list and which items have been purchased.  The app keeps track of your spending to let you know if you are over or under budget.

Gift It App Christmas List Page 250From your list page gifts can be shuffled around from top to bottom if you want the list to be in a specific order (ex:  most desired gifts on top).  You can edit pricing or easily delete an item.  Single tapping and item on the list page lets you edit the gift name and cost.  Tapping and holding a list item gives you the option to delete an item.  Swiping an item from right to left on the shopping list page will move it to the purchased list page.  The item will disappear from the gift list (or show a line through it depending on your settings).  To see the purchased list page, tap the wrapped present icon in the upper left hand corner of the list page.

If you have accidentally marked an item as purchased and want to move it from the Purchased Gifts screen back to your shopping list, tap the wrapped present icon in the upper left corner to see the list of purchased items.  From there swipe left to get the dialog box that gives you the option to move the item back to the shopping list.  Tap Add.  Note that sometimes, this feature is a little sensitive.  You may have to swipe a couple of times before getting the dialog box (sometimes it thinks you are scrolling through the list rather than trying to move the item).  Tap Back, to return to the shopping list.  The items are shown with a — through them.  To remove the — swipe on the item to the left.  This puts the item back on the top of the shopping list.

Unique Features

  • Creative Design.  It has a unique fun style that is great for Christmas.
  • Tracks budget
  • Tracks pricing
  • Tracks percentage complete

 Gift It App Christmas List Page 250Price

  • Free – With ads (There are a lot of ads.  However, they seem to decrease the more you use the app.)
  • $1.99 – For extra features:  No ads & password protect


Download link

While this exact app is not available on Android, there are a wide variety of shopping list apps in the Google Play store.