Are you getting a new iOS device for Christmas? Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, is loaded with hundreds of new features. Some are obvious but most are hidden. The new mobile OS has become very powerful for both personal and business use.  Here is a fun new Siri trick introduced in iOS 8 mobile software that allows you to request her assistance without touching the iPhone.

Activate Siri without touching your iPhone!

If you have your iOS 8 device plugged in you can activate Siri without touching the device. Make sure your iPhone is plugged in then say “Hey Siri” and issue her a request. You don’t have to pick up the phone or press the home button! Siri is getting more helpful and powerful.

Here are a few examples:

If you are still in bed and you have you phone plugged in at your nightstand you can say:

  • “Hey Siri, what is the weather going to be today” or “Hey Siri, can you set an alarm to wake me up in 15 mins.”.

There is no need to even look at your phone or touch it.


If you are working in the kitchen and your hands are messy, without touching the device you can ask Siri things like:

  • “Hey Siri, how many tablespoons equals half a cup”.

Siri will tell you the answer and you never even have to look at your phone.

If you are in your office and your device is plugged on a doc, Siri becomes a powerful assistant. You don’t have to take your hands off of your computer keyboard or put down your pen to activate Siri. While in the middle of your work you can say things like:

  • “Hey Siri, can you call John Smith”
  • “Hey Siri, what is on my calendar today”
  • “Hey Siri, send a text message to John Smith. Can you meet in 1 hour?”

This may not work so well in an open office setting but can help increase productivity if you are able to leverage the functionality available through Siri.

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