NoNotes Call Recording App IconRecording calls on your iPhone or Android device is easy with NoNotes call recording app. With a few simple taps you can save important discussions for future access.  Some of the common uses for recording phone calls include: creating record of important contract negotiations, interviews, saving family history conversations or preserving discussions with service providers such as insurance companies, banks or airlines.  Call recording is useful for business and personal use.  Journalists, writers, real estate agents, researchers, and people collecting family history are all typical users of NoNotes Call Recording app.

For the casual user, everyone is given 20 free minutes of call recording time per month!  The most common plan is $8.00 per month for unlimited call recording time.

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NoNotes Call Recording App is easy to use. When you make a call through NoNotes it actually accesses the NoNotes server, which in turn calls you back on your smartphone.  Answer the call from NoNotes.  NoNotes then dials the phone number you specified and the call is recorded.  If you want to stop recording, hang up or press#1.

How To Use NoNotes Call Recording


In Addition to call recording, transcription services are available.  If you record your call and want to have the conversation transcribed (convert your recording into a text document).  The pricing options for transcription services are:


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NoNotes App Review & Demo on ABC News:

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 Check out the recent app review and demo on ABC News.


Additional Notable Features of NoNotes Call Recording App include:

  • Easy to use companion web based app – Display a dashboard of your recording history, mins used, call status, share recorded call features
  • Transcription Service Available for recorded calls or audio files you upload
  • Record calls you make,as well as, active calls you are already on (there is no reason to hang up to try and call the person back through NoNotes).
  • Calls can be made and recorded in US, Canada and UK
  • New Feature coming soon! Support for calls to and from Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand will be available January 2015

NoNotes Call Recording Pricing Options

NoNotes Call Recording has several pricing options.  Here are a few of the choices:

  • Free – 20 mins Call Recording time each month
  • $8.00 per month – Unlimited Call Recording time
  • $0.25/min – Pay for Use, pay for minutes you use

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