Saving a Message to Drafts folder… allows you to access the message from any device that you use to access email.   If you create a message that you have partially completed and want to come back to finish much later you may want to save the draft to your email folder titled Drafts. This will allow you to access the message from any computer in which you use email.

To save an email message to drafts folder:

  • Create a new message
  • Type as much of the message as you desire
  • Tap Cancel
  • Tap Save Draft

This mail message will now be available in your mail folder titled Drafts. You can access that folder in many different ways depending on which Mail service you are using (gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, etc.) and what device you are on (mobile, tablet, desktop app, web browser version, etc.).

On your iOS device, to access the Draft folder within a specific mail account:

  • Go to the Mailboxes screen (where it lists all of your mail accounts added to your devices)
  • Scroll down to Accounts and tap the account in which the draft was created (ex: Yahoo mail)
  • Tap Drafts

This video shows you the steps on how to save draft email messages:

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