Working with multiple draft email messages – If you are a super mult-tasker and have multiple email drafts that you want to easily switch between, you can have more than one active draft message at the same time.  This is a new feature in iOS 8.

If you missed how to put a message into draft mode without canceling the message you may want to first check that post & video out here: How to multitask in Mail.

To multitask between multiple draft email messages:

  • Create a new message then, swipe down on the title to place it at the bottom of your screen (as described and shown in this post: How to multitask in Mail).
  • Create a second email message and put it in draft mode by swiping down on its title.  This will place the message at the bottom of your screen over the previously created draft message.  You can create more messages if desired.
  • Tap the title of the draft email message at the bottom of the screen. All of the active draft messages show on the screen.
  • Tap the message you desire to edit.
  • The remaining messages stay in draft mode.  To access them, swipe down on the title of the message you are currently editing. Then tap the title at the bottom of the screen to display all of the messages in draft mode.

To see how to multitasking between multiple draft messages watch here:


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