How to Multitask in Mail between Draft Messages: In iOS 8 there is a great new feature that allows you to work with email draft messages without having to cancel or delete a partially typed message.

Have you ever typed part of an email message and gotten interrupted? Maybe you realize that you need to answer a different email or create a new message to someone else but you don’t want to cancel or delete the draft you started.   A new feature in iOS 8 allows you to multitask between draft messages and email tasks with single touch access to partially written messages.

How to keep a draft email message without tapping cancel:

  • Create a new mail message
  • Type as much text as you desire in the message (or no text)
  • At the top of the message where it says either “New Message” or displays the message Subject as the name of the Message, tap and swipe down. This puts the message at the bottom of the screen with just the message subject showing.

From here, you can do any of the tasks you normally would do within Mail such as read other messages, access other mail accounts, delete or archive messages and even create new messages.

To return to editing the mail message currently in draft mode:

  • Tap “New Message” or the Message Title located at the bottom of the screen.

This opens the message back to full screen for continued editing and sending.

To see how it works watch this step by step video:



Working with multiple draft email message

If you are a super mult-tasker and have multiple email drafts that you want to easily switch between, you can have more than one active draft message at the same time in iOS 8.  To get step by step instruction on how to move between multiple active email messages check out this post:

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