Sleep Better App by Runtastic App IconSleep Better App, the newest member of the health and fitness suite of apps by Runtastic, is a great tool for helping you understand your sleep cycles.  If you are having problems getting to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night, Sleep Better is designed to help you figure out what might be making you have restless nights.  In the app review and demo below, you will see how easy it is to keep a daily dairy of your sleep cycles and behaviors that might affect your sleep.  Sleep Better App Review and Demo - Sleep Cycles Smart Alarm Smart Alarm

With a few taps you can select which behaviors are relevant that day – Worked out, Stressful day, Not my bed, Ate late, Caffeine, Alcohol.  Then tuck your smartphone (Android or iOS) under your pillow.  Sleep Better detects your movement and uses the sensors built in to the phones to determine your sleep activity.  Based on active movements during your sleep, Sleep Better app determines if you have awake moments, light sleep or deep sleep (no movement for approximately 15 mins).  According to Runtastic, the app was tested in sleep labs with physician supervision and accurately determines sleep behavior.

A daily sleep diary is automatically created showing sleep efficiency, graphs, how long you slept, your daily behavior and an optional dream notes section.  You can start to see trends in behavior and sleep patterns and automatically generated statics for the week, month, year and overall which help you determine which behaviors most effect your sleep patterns.  It only takes a few seconds each day to gather this information with Sleep Better as it does all of the work for you except for tapping any of the six daily behavior options.  Trying to do this manually is cumbersome and nearly impossible to create a consistent picture of behaviors, sleep patterns and resulting statistics.

No additional devices are required to use Sleep Better.  Ultimately, the app helps you understand what affects your sleep cycles so that you can Sleep Better.


Sleep Better App Sleep Cycles and Efficiency Stats imageCore Feature Set

  • Smart Alarm – Determines the best time within your sleep cycle for the alarm to sound within a time frame
  • Daily Behavior options – Worked out, Stressful day, Not my bed, Ate late, Caffeine, Alcohol
  • Sleep diary – Sleep efficiency, Daily Behaviors, Sleep duration, Awake time, Light Sleep time, Deep Sleep
  • Dream Diary – Select from happy, moderate or scary ghost and ad notes about your dreams.
  • Statistics – Week, Month, Year, Overall for Avg. Sleep Efficiency, Duration, Longest Night, Shortest Night, Average Bed Time
  • Moon Phases
  • Integrates with Apple’s Health App

Runtastic has an entire suite of excellent health and fitness apps.  I have been using them for years and I personally feel they have excellent design, feature set and are geared to help people live healthy fun lives.  Sleep Better App, just released, is the newest member of the Runtastic family of apps.


  • Free

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