Amazon’s first entry into the smartphone market was on July 25th, just ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6 release.  Amazon introduced the Fire Phone, running its proprietary Fire OS.  Amazon is a bit late into the market but if you are looking for a phone with some unique features and a low price point, this might be a good choice for you.  

In addition to an attractive price point, there are 3 unique features that are worth noting:  Dynamic Perspective, motion gestures and Firefly.
Dynamic Perspective creates an incredible 3D view within apps, icons and lock screens.  It gives objects motion, perspective and depth.  This feature, while visually impressive doesn’t currently have significant user benefit.  However, if Amazon continues to develop this feature in more apps and products I can see where this would be incredibly valuable.  If you could view product details from different angles by rotating the phone this would aid in making product purchases (vs. looking at 1-5 flat images of a product).  There are countless applications for enhanced game play on simple to advanced gaming apps.
There are several motion gestures that are great!  A quick twist of the wrist to the left while you are holding you Fire Phone gives you quick access to menus or app details.  A quick twist to the right provides more product or info on the app you are viewing.  These two gestures are great.  Tilting forward or back provides auto scrolling.
Use Amazon’s Firefly app to take a quick view of a product (it does not have to be on the barcode) and it will look for that product on  You can use this to quickly find books, movies, TV shows and more.  From Firefly you can share it with a friend, save it for later viewing or add it to the cart.  This feature along with Apple Pay and other similar app services are moving us all toward “convenient consumption”.  We can purchase anywhere, anytime, without wallets, cash or credit cards directly from our mobile devices.  I believe this is the next major era in mobile computing.
Amazon's Fire Phone Image

Features include

  • Low Price Point
  • Free Amazon Prime for 1 yr.  (a $99 savings)
    • free 2-day shipping on any Amazon Prime products on
    • Prime Instant Video – unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes for paid or free
    • Prime Music – unlimited, ad-free access to hundreds of Prime Playlists
    • See a full Listing of Amazon Prime Features
  • Dynamic Perspective Feature
  • Fire Fly – Instant access to product information sharing and purchasing
  • Instant Camera access via a button on the side (You don’t have to access an app)
  • Large bright screen
  • Motion gestures – left and right menus as well as auto scrolling


  • Fewer apps are available
  • Slower (but not significantly) web access
  • Proprietary OS with a low install base so apps will be released slower
  • Few unique features
  • Less integration with desktop apps and apps for business
  • AT&T is the only carrier (iPhone started this way, too)
  • Less 3rd party app development given the small market share

Pricing (Pricing varies with service agreement)

  • AT&T Next – $0.00 Down + $18.75/mo for 24 months + Cellular Contract
  • AT&T Next – $0.00 Down + $22.50/mo for 18 months + Cellular Contract
  • AT&T – $0.99 + 2/yr Cellular Contract
  • Includes Free Amazon Prime for 1 year or a 1 yr. extension if you already have Prime


  • AT&T
  • BestBuy

For casual smartphone users such as students, stay at home parents, grandparents or those who want an alternate phone line for work or personal use at a low cost, the Fire phone is a great option.

If Amazon continues to develop Dynamic Perspective for the Fire Phone and other mobile devices, as well as, the convenient consumption options with Fire Fly app, the smartphone could create a strong eco system of committed users.