Don’t get caught off guard with a high cellular bill due to Facebook’s new auto-play video feature on mobile devices.  It is costing people money and they don’t even know it until they get their bill!  Video auto-play is a new feature that was recently added as an update to Facebook’s mobile app for Android and iOS devices.  In most cases the default setting is to have Facebook automatically play videos without taking into account what kind of network you are on –  wireless or cellular.

If you are on a cellular network these auto played videos are using data from your cellular plan.  In many cases people are running over their data allowance and are therefore incurring extra fees.  In most cases people are not aware of it until their bill arrives.

If you have been watching lots of  ice bucket challenge videos on your smartphone Facebook app, you may be paying for it on your next bill!

To keep this from happening, you need to disable the auto-play video setting within Facebook.  Here is a video that shows you how to disable Facebook’s auto-play video feature:

For iOS devices, go to Settings App then scroll all the way down to Facebook.  It will be grouped with other social media apps like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Tap Facebook > Tap Settings.  Under the Video section, Tap Auto-play.  Tap the desired option, either Wi-fi only or Off.  Tapping Wi-fi only will automatically play videos while you are on a wi-fi network which will not use data from your cellular data plan.  Selecting Off, will keep videos from playing automatically on both cellular and data networks.  This allows you to choose which videos you want to play and when you want to play them.

For Android devices, open the Facebook App and go to settings within the App.  You can disable the auto-play video feature there.

Videos on Facebook are becoming more and more popular with a recent average of 100 million video uploads per month.  If you are a heavy Facebook user make sure you check your settings as to not get caught with a huge monthly bill!

Be the hero and share this with your friends and family so they don’t get a big bill either.

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