Instagram’s new Hyperlapse App is an amazing video tool that allows you to create cinematic quality time lapse videos in just a few minutes. This superb video app is easy to use and with the automatic video stabilization you can create professional style videos that previously required expensive equipment. Instagram’s Hyperlaspe app is free and does not require a login for use, immediately taking you to the camera when launching the app.

With Instagram’s Hyperlapase video app you take video at a normal speed, then the app then allows you to view and save the video at fast motion rates ranging from 1x – 12x the speed of the capture rate. Therefore, if you take a 60 second video and play/save it at 6x, the resulting Hyperlapse video will be 10 seconds long.  You can view the video at different rates and then decide at what rate does your video look the best before saving it or posting it to social media sites.

See the demo and review here from ABC News App Chat:

When you select to play the video at 2x, Hyperlapse is actually showing every other frame.  When you select 6x it shows every 6th frame.  Here are a few tips for taking creating Instagram Hyperlapse videos.

1. Keep the camera steady. If you move the camera around to much or modify the direction the camera is pointing it can result in a video that might make you and your audience dizzy. I did this while filming on a windy road and watching the resulting Hyperlapse video made me feel like I had just been on a bad roller coaster ride. For best results, point the camera in one direction and have the objects you are recording be moving.

2. Auto brightness. This smart app automatically adjusts for brightness but if you want to adjust it yourself just tap on the screen either before or while filming.

3. Focus point. You can also specify where you want it to focus by taping the on the screen at the desired focus point.

4. Posting & Sharing. The default sites for posting are obviously Instagram and Facebook but it is easy to post to other sites to such as YouTube and Vimeo. Instagram’s maximum video length is 15 seconds long so the maximum amount of video you can record is 3 mins long and saved at 12x, resulting in a 15 second video. Vimeo and YouTube allow for longer videos so, you may want to consider where you are going to share your video to help you best determine the length of video you shoot.

5.  To add music or put together multiple scenes in one video, you can edit the file using a wide variety of tools or apps.  I use iMovie to make desired edits.

As a note, within iOS 8 you can create time lapse videos directly within the Camera app however, you do not have the control of modifying the playback rate to your specified speed.  It only plays back at


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