What are your excuses for not getting in your daily workout?  Is it too late to go the gym or too cold to go for a walk?  Are you traveling and don’t have access to a gym or not enough time?  Or, maybe you don’t want to drag your kids to the gym with you.   All excuses are no longer valid with Fitnet mobile app for iPad.  This new health and fitness app, personalizes 5 minute workouts for any schedule, skill level, or any location.  With Fitnet you have a personal trainer with you whether you are in a hotel across the world or at home with a sick child.

Workouts range from cardio, strength, and mind/body for light, medium and intense workouts.  All workouts are 5 minutes in length and you can “mix and match” workouts from any category to make your workout plan uniquely yours.  Follow the personal workouts from one of the friendly Fitnet trainers or  invite your personal trainer to be included in Fitnet!

There are over 200 free workouts on Fitnet from general warmups to specialized workout such as “New Mom New Body”, “Yoga for Better Posture” and “Dance Fitness”.  If you want to have your child workout with you there are even workouts like “Fit Kids” and “Strength for kids” that provide exercise for parent and child simultaneously.

Fitnet’s biometric camera provides you feedback and points to show if you are just barely moving or if you are putting in full effort.  With the tap of a button you can also create a weekly schedule of workouts and goals.  This will help you track and meet your fitness goals.

Fitnet allows personal trainers to add their own workouts to the Fitnet platform as a business opportunity.  This is a brand new feature that allows trainers to reach their personal clients but also expand their client base beyond their geographical region and get paid for it.  Trainer videos can be added to the system and a client or Fitnet customer can purchase access a trainer’s videos in which trainer receives payment.

Fitnet is with you wherever you go (as long as you have your iPad).  So getting in quick personalized workouts is easy and fun.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • 200 + personal workouts (free!)
  • All workouts are 5 mins long
  • Biometric scanner provides you feedback
  • Set up fitness plans and goals with a simple tap
  • Your personal trainer can add workout to Fitnet



  • Free


  • iPad Only

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