Runtastic, Inc. just launched their brand new Runtastic Orbit hardware & Runtastic Me fitness app that gives us the information we need to make smart decisions about an individual’s fitness activity.  How many steps have you taken today?  How many calories have you burned?  How many minutes of activity have you done today?  The Runtastic wearable Orbit gives you all of the information in seconds and the companion app Runtastic Me allows you to get more details about your activity in addition to setting goals and monitoring history.  Check it out on this weeks ABC News app and tech review.

1-Runtastic Orbit and Runtastic Me Image 300In addition the Runtastic Orbit hardware integrates with the suite of Runtastic fitness apps for jogging, walking, biking, etc.  For example, if you are using the Runtastic Mobile app (the GPS running, walking, fitness tracker app), the Orbit will display your duration, distance, current pace, average pace, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.  You can get your exercise stats at a glance.  The phone and Orbit sync to keep your data up to date on both devices.

If you have sleepless nights the Orbit can help you learn about your sleep patterns.  You might see that on days with higher level of activity you sleep deeper with fewer hours of sleep.  On days with less activity is possible to see that you don’t sleep as well.  The Orbit can help you see sleep patterns and how they correlate with your activity levels.

5.5-Runtastic Sleep Lab 300The Orbit is designed for people with any level of activity.  Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner gave his mum an Orbit and discovered that his Mum, Gerlinde, who works the family farm in Austria had a higher level of activity than he did!  After seeing her activity levels she wanted to step up the the pace and increased her daily goals.  You don’t have to be a runner or fitness pro to gain value from the Orbit and Runtastic Me app.  It is a product for all generations.

Fun Fact

  • There are over 45 million registered user of Runtastic Apps and nearly 100,000 downloads daily!  This is a number most app companies dream of having.

Runtastic CEO Interview with Francie

FLorian Gschwandtner Runtastic CEO Interview Screen Image 250Meet CEO Florian Gschwandtner here on our recorded online interview from Austria.  Florian is very entertaining, funny and full of energy.


Runtastic CEO Florians Mum with Runtastic Orbit Image
Runtastic CEO’s Mum, in Austria, wearing Runtastic Orbit. Florian can’t keep up with his mum, Gerlinde!

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Recent App Review

“I am a huge fan of the Runtastic Me App! Not only does it allow me to track me steps, miles traveled, and calories burned for the day…but paired with my Runtastic Orbit device, I can constantly check in on my daily activities and see where I am excelling and/or need to improve. Thanks for building an app that complements my active life!”

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