Tabtor Math tutoring app is the perfect blend of math practice, instant feedback, guided video instruction and real life personalized instruction.  This math tutoring solution, gives you the flexibility of planning your tutoring time on your schedule no matter where you are.  If you are a traditional school student, home schooled or looking to strengthen your math skills, Tabtor Math offers an excellent solution for enhancing your math skills.  In addition to a wide selection of instructional tools, you have access to a real teacher who manages your progress and personalizes your learning plans.  See why this app is unique and how it might meet your needs in the ABC News App Chat demo with tech expert Francie Black.

Tabtor Math App Icon 175The tablet replaces pen and paper.  You can write your math steps, erase, and re-do your work as many times as you feel necessary.  It actually functions better than paper.  Enter your answer to get immediate feedback on whether or not you answer is correct.  If you need assistance, there is a video tutorial attached to every math problem that explains how to solve these types of math questions.  If you need additional assistance or have questions, contact the instructor directly from within that math problem screen with a flag, email message or audio note.  Tabtor Math tutoring app creates a “Mastery Matrix” based on how long it took you to do the problems, how much erasing you had to do, how many times you had to watch the video and how much you scribbled.  Your real life instructor uses the Tabtor Math Mastery Matrix to create your personalized instruction plans.   She/he responds to your questions and sets up instructional plans that are specific to your needs.  In addition, scheduled FaceTime or audio calls can be regularly scheduled with your teacher.

With the instant feedback and video instruction you don’t have to wait a day or two or possibly a week to get an assessment of where you are on any give math problem.  Tabtor Math gives you what you need, when you need it and when the instruction is best absorbed.

The instructor team is made up of full-time and part-time teachers that tutor with Tabtor. Currently Tabtor math covers ages 5-12 year old. Middle school math will be available in the fall of 2014.

Tabor Math tutoring app, gives you complete flexibility on when and where you do your lessons in addition to providing instant feedback, instant video assistance and access to a real teacher for the perfect blend of Math Tutoring.   Tabtor Math meets you where you are.


  • Instant feedback
  • Instant instructional video tutorial is available for each math problem
  • Instant retry
  • Personalized lesson plans from a real teacher
  • Personalized assistance from a real teacher
  • Awesome reward system (ex: gift cards for Starbucks, Target, etc!)
  • Anytime, Anywhere flexibility


  • 14 Day Free Trial (no credit card required!)
  • Basic:  $30.00/mo
  • Plus Plan:  $60.00 / mo (Most Popular)
  • Premium:  $100 / mo.
  • Pricing Details:

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  • iPad only

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