Runtastic Orbit Clip and two Wrist bandsNew Product Release!  Runtastic Me mobile app and Orbit Wearable Fitness Tracking tool hit the market running!

Meet Florian Gschwandtner, Runtastic CEO in our online interview (from Austria) where he introduces Runtastic’s new Runtastic Me and Orbit!  see below

Florian Head ShotRuntastic, Inc.’s  flagship app (by the same name) tracks exercise progress for running, hiking, biking, etc. and has over 85 million downloads and 40 million registered users.  The company has a suite of exercise apps, as well as, several consumer accessories, such as heart monitors and athletic arm bands.  Today Runtastic released a new app, Runtastic Me and an accessory, the Orbit Wearable Fitness tracking tool.

Meet Florian as he introduces his products (allow a moment for loading from YouTube):

The Runtastic Orbit,  the new wearable tool allows users to track their daily movements, fitness activities and sleep.  Runtastic Orbit boasts a wide variety of features and functionalities that set it apart from the competition.  Orbit also allows users to monitor daily progress and set vibration alerts to go off after an hour of inactivity. Additional features include an OLED Display, Time & Alarm and Bluetooth Smart Technology. The Runtastic Orbit is also waterproof up to 300 feet.

Orbit’s tracking capabilities and data output are made even more robust by the compatible Runtastic Me app and greater Runtastic Ecosystem. Data generated by Runtastic Orbit syncs wirelessly with the Runtastic Me app, allowing users to view data on the Orbit display, within the Me app and on The new app also provides users with detailed statistics about their sleep cycles, tracking both light and deep sleep phases


  • Runtastic Me Orbit Features  image 550Multi-functional Display
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Mood Tracking
  • Multiple Wearing Positions (wrist and clip options)
  • Waterproof up to 300 ft (can track activity is almost all environments)
  • Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Sensors
  • Comes with Clip and two Wrist Bands


Runtastic Me Downloads


  • Runtastic Orbit App Screen ImageRuntastic Me App – Free
  • Runtastic Orbit – $120.00

Runtastic Download

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