RoadNinja App Icon SmDon’t leave home without this travel app.  RoadNinja is a must have road trip companion app.  RoadNinja knows what services are available at every offramp; from food, fuel, lodging, pharmacy, shopping, attractions, etc.  When you are trying to decide when and where you should stop for a break, have a passenger pull up RoadNinja travel app.  It will tell you what services are available at all of the upcoming exits, as well as, the distance from the off ramp.  You can filter the results by any service category and you can modify how far away from the exit you are willing to drive, from .1 mile to 3 miles.  There are 6 primary services of which you set as your preference from over 30 different service categories (ex:  camping, dept store, coffee shot, fast-food, government, bagels, cafe, bus stations, attractions, religious, sushi, vegetarian, etc).  This travel app is one of “Francie’s Favorites”.

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The RoadNinja travel app is simple to use but is full featured with multiple bells and whistles.  For example, when searching for upcoming gas stations, in addition to showing you the name of the gas station and the distance from the offramp,  the travel app displays the gas price!  You don’t have to guess if the closest or furthest gas station has the better gas price.  You can also search for  special deals provided through roadninja or the distance to your desired lunch location.  If you want to stop at a Panera Bread or Chick-fil-A you can find the closest exit on your route with that specific service.  Maps, directions, phone numbers, reviews and addresses are also provided for each of the service locations.  Roadninja automatically knows what interstate you are on and the direction you are headed, however, if you will be switching interstates, you can enter any any interstate number and exit number to find out the services available at that location!

RoadNinja Interstate Services SignHaving the RoadNinja app is like having all of the upcoming service billboards in your phone.  You can plan ahead to the next off ramp or see what services are available 100 miles away.  It takes the guess work out of when and where you should stop and if the services you need are available at that exit.


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