How To…use the Excel Table Feature: sort, filter, analyze your data quickly and easily

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How will using Excel’s table feature save me time? How do I convert my Excel data to a table?  How do I quickly sort, filter and analyze data using Excel’s table feature?  How do I quickly filter my data range by text or values?  This tutorial video is designed to help you learn and understand this great feature in Excel.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then this video is for you!  This free tutorial video will show you how to use Excel to convert your data to a table and answer each of the questions above.  You will see how you can use Excel tables to help you better understand your business data. If you are not using Excel’s Table feature, it is likely you are wasting time and may not be seeing the valuable information your business data provides.

A one hour Power Hour Training session on Excel Tables and Excel Pivot Tables is in nearly complete.  If you are interested in this online course by Francie or would like  more info about other online, instructor led or custom technology courses, you can reach Francie at

Enjoy this free tutorial on Excel’s Table Feature:


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Using Excel tables to sort, filter or analyze your important business data saves significant time.  Look for the next tutorial on Excel Pivot Tables.

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