Runtastic 5.0. Taking the Lead in Mobile Fitness Apps

Guest Post:
By Florian Gschwandtner, CEO & Co-Founder of Runtastic

Runtastic App IconIn today’s tech-savvy world, digital health and fitness trends are evolving faster than a 100-meter dash. From tracking devices to wearables, we’ve seen an explosion of tracking offerings created specifically for the health and fitness space. But one player that’s consistently leading the charge – which I believe is due to accessibility, cost and functionality – is mobile.

People aren’t necessarily visiting a nutritionist or dietician to learn about healthy eating and weight loss – they’re looking to apps. Same with personal trainers – you can now create and track entire workout programs with the touch of a button or two. According to a report from Nielsen, approximately one-third, or 46 million, U.S. smartphone owners used health and fitness apps in January 2014 alone.

Runtastic App ImageAs the mobile fitness market expands into a new age of tracking and coaching, so must the technological innovation behind the apps. At Runtastic, we knew we had to look beyond current realities and offer a cutting-edge app that does more than simply track health and fitness data – it must provide unique information to each individual user, allowing them to make proactive and informed decisions about their health and well-being. That’s why a lot has changed since Francie first introduced you to Runtastic last year.

We have spent the past 12 months completely redeveloping our flagship app, Runtastic. As you may remember, it has always allowed users to track distance, pace, duration, heart rate, calories burned, routes covered and more, but now Runtastic 5.0 boasts a completely fresh design, new features and improved functionality, providing users with an incredibly comprehensive, intuitive and enjoyable app experience.
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With Runtastic 5.0, we focused on developing features that take data one step further and provide users with key insights based on their individual activities. For example, the new Hydration feature takes into account a user’s activity details, personal stats, local weather conditions and more to provide a personalized post-activity hydration suggestion.

We also recognized the importance of making some of our beloved, motivational features available to all users. For the first time, expert-designed Runtastic Training Plans are available to Android users, making our wide variety of plans available on all major platforms. Furthermore, the Music Player and LIVE Tracking & Cheering features can now be accessed in the free version of the app!

With Runtastic 5.0, we continue to push the limits of mobile fitness to provide our users with the best tools available for living a healthy and happy lifestyle.


  • The Runtastic app is available for free and $4.99 for the PRO version

New 5.0 Features Include:

  • Hydration Levels:  See how much water your body needs to rehydrate after exercising
  • Story Running: an in-app purchase that offers four interactive running experiences ­- adventure, fantasy, motivation and travel -­ that are built to professional 45 minute training plans.
  • Training Plans: developed by experts, Bikini Body Prep, Weight Loss, Beginner, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon Training Plans are designed to help users continuously improve their performance. A voice coach guides users through activities and then sync stats directly to
  • Live Tracking & Cheering: as your ideal training partner, Runtastic allows friends to follow and cheer you on in real-time.
  • Music & Sharing: Music has been scientifically-proven to impact exercise time, intensity and overall outcome so Runtastic offers advanced in-app music playing capabilities.


  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

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The new Runtastic 5.0 App


ABC News App Review by Francie:

I use this app to track my exercise and it got me through my first marathon last year!  Here is a preview of Runtastic that I did several months ago.  Runtastic 5.0 has all the finesse of previous versions with even more bells and whistles!   Francie

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