Digital Scrapbooking Software

iPhoto App Icon SMTraditional scrapbooking takes a lot of time, effort and costs.  With Apple’s iPhoto mobile app you can create professionally designed digital scrapbooks in just minutes directly from your iPhone or iPad. What seems like a complicated task of making picture books, is made easy with iPhoto.  You can save those precious photos of your vacation, graduation, birthday, etc. with just a few taps of your finger.  There is no need to upload or offload your photos from your mobile device to a desktop, laptop or to an online photo site.   See how easy it is on today’s app review on ABC News “App Chat” with Francie Black.
These photo books make excellent gifts for grandparents, family and friends.
Coming Soon!

iPhoto Digital Scrapbooking Class:
Starting in June, Francie is offering a digital scrapbooking class (online)!  Details are being finalized.  
For more info or to be notified of the class as soon as it is available, send an email to: put Digital Scrapbooking Class anywhere in the subject or message.