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Do you still write your shopping lists on paper? Have you ever gotten to the store and forgotten your list at home?

I went on the hunt for a new grocery shopping list maker because the one I was using was missing some key features.  I tested several out and settled on List Ease.  When I did this segment last week I received all kinds of comments about this app.  Grocery shopping apps are in high demand!

If you’d like to watch the TV Segment to see a demo of the app’s features, check out the app review video:

If you’d like to watch the TV Segment to see the app in action:  

Here  is what I like about the List Ease app:

Auto enters many grocery items by just typing a few letters.

When entering items into my list,  typing ‘app’ brings up apples, apple cider, apple juice, etc.  I can just tap the desired items and it is automatically entered into my list.  This saves me a significant amount of “list making” time.  Not all items are “auto filled” but most staple items are recognized.  If it is not auto filled, you can simply type in the item.

List Ease Shopping List

Auto Categorizes many items by shopping aisle making my shopping time more efficient.

Canned items, fruits & vegetable, meats, etc. are all grouped by category.    When I put apples or a canned tomatoes on my list they show up grouped by fruit and vegetables or canned goods.  Therefore, I don’t have to bounce back and forth between aisles when I am shopping because I forgot the onion on the bottom of my list.   If an item is not auto categorized, you can easily specify the department.

Easily add qty and/or size for recipes.

If you are buying groceries for a recipe or party and need a specific quantity or size you can easily add these details.  These details will show with the item on your shopping list screen.  So, if you need 15 banana’s for the banana pudding you can easily specify that on the item or if you need a specific can size for tomatoes, that will show up on the list, too. You don’t have to flip to a detail screen to see the information.

List Ease Auto Enter Items
Auto Entry

It supports multiple lists!

This was one of my most desired features.  I have different lists for different stores and I don’t want to create them in 5 different apps.  I have lists for Lowe’s, Wal-mart, by Recipes, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  On the free version, you can save up to 4 lists.  Here is the bad news.  If you want more than four lists you have to pay an annual subscription fee (around $30.00 at the time of this writing).   So, I stick with my 4  lists for now.

List Ease Completed Items
Completed Items

When I “check off” an item, it is automatically moved to the bottom of my list.

This reduces my list to viewing only what I still need to pick up.  I can see my list reduce from 20 or so items down to 5 and so one.  I can see I’m making progress!

I can reuse my lists.

The items I check off as I put them in my cart appear at the bottom of my list.  They are not deleted!  I can reuse the list over and over again so I don’t have to keep re-creating lists that I use over and over again (like my staples items, or recipe lists).  Just tap the recycle button at the bottom of the list page.

Enter items by barcode.

Sometimes it is tedious to type in items, particularly if you want to add size and oz information.  Adding an item by barcode is a snap and adds in all of the pertinent information such as description, size, packaging, etc.  This saves a lot of time when creating lists.  Or if you run out of something and want to throw the jar away, just add it to your list before you toss the can or jar.

List Ease Coupons
List Ease Coupons

It has coupons!

The app has a coupon section which is pretty good.  I found desirable items in the  list with decent coupon offers.  You can print the coupons and take them to the store with you.

Supports more than just groceries.

You can add any item to your lists.  While this app is optimized for groceries, it really supports any product or list you want to create.

The down side….

I really like this app and the free version provides wonderful functionality.  The only downside I could find is that the pro version, which allows unlimited lists, is about $30.00 year (at the time of this posting).  I think that is pricey for a consumer app focused on grocery shopping / list making.