iOS 7 Battery Conservation Tips!

I have had many questions about conserving battery life since iOS 7 came out.  While battery life is still great with iOS 7 it might not last quite as long as it did with iOS 6 depending on which system settings are on.  Many features in iOS 7 run in the background and you may be unaware they are using the battery.   These features are great but if you would rather extend the life of your battery, you may want to modify some or all of these settings.

Remember,  you can always turn your settings on/off.  If you are traveling and have limited access to power outlets you may want to change the settings temporarily.  Once you have regular access to the power grid, you can turn the settings back on if you desire.

And, if you can’t remember all the settings, you can always access this blog for quick reference!

Disable Background App Refresh:
This allows apps to stay up to date with content while you multitask.  This is helpful but drains battery life.  You can disable the setting completely or disable for specific apps.
  • Settings app > General > Background App Refresh
Change Auto-lock timing:
Decreasing the amount of time before your iOS7 device goes in sleep mode will preserve the battery life.
  • Settings app > General > Auto-lock
Modify Location Services:
Location services is helpful and necessary for certain apps, such as maps.  Conserve the battery by disabling this for specific apps.
  • Settings app > Privacy > Location Services.  Turn off for desired apps.

You can turn off location services for other hidden features:

  • Settings app > Privacy > Location Services > Scroll down to System Services.  Turn off for unnecessary services such as Diagnostics & iAds
Disable Automatic updates:
This feature updates your apps to the latest version in the background. This is convenient but uses battery power.  If you disable the feature, you will need to go to the App Store to update to new versions.
  • Settings app > iTunes & App Store > Scroll down to Automatic Downloads > Update