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How many times have you played hide and seek with your keys? Wallet? Purse? Phone?  (possibly a child?)

Today’s app is designed to help us keep up with these important items!  The app and device by Phone-halo is called TrackR®.  The app uses bluetooth technology to send out a beacon signal from your smartphone to the Wallet-TrackR® device.  The TrackR hardware is a small plastic key fob type device that easily fits into your wallet, purse or on your keychain.  If the wallet or purse, gets out of range of your smartphone (approximately 100 ft) the wallet-trackR device and app will beep alerting you that you have left the wallet or purse behind.

App TrackR by Phone Halo
If you are in your home, office, restaurant (or anywhere) you can use the smartphone app to “ring the trackR” to help you locate your keys or wallet if you have misplaced them.  Or, it will work in reverse.  If you have the tracker device on your keychain but are unable to locate your phone, you can press the locater button on the device to make your phone beep so it can be easily found.

Other features include:

  • Replaceable button batteries
  • iOS smartphone and tablets:  supporting up to 10 TrackR devices
  • Android Devices:  supports 1 TrackR device
  • App is universal and can be used to locate and track other (non phone-halo) bluetooth devices
  • Wallet-TrackR is available now
  • Button-TrackR ships around mid November 2013


  • If you pull out the batteries, you will need to reset the device hardware and software.  See the TrackR FAQ for complete steps.  I thought my device wasn’t working.



Button TrackR (Pre order until Mid November 2013)

Company website:

Alternative solution:  Tile® but this item is not yet shipping.