Feeling rundown?  Today’s app, Laughing my App Off, is modest in features but provides much needed giggles.  Some researchers say laughter is a great medicine.

Set how many times a day you would like to receive joke notifications on your phone.  Be surprised throughout the day to receive a laughing boost.  It is perfect for taking the stress out of a moment.

New features include laughing in different ways.  You can select to get Shower Thoughts, which are funny observations or cheese lines to impress.  If you want to dig deeper try the riddles.

Anyone can use a little humor to help put some spring in your step.

LMAO is free and available on iOS and Android.  

I’m Francie Black.  Send us your tech questions to info@techtangotoday.com

Direct App Download Links:

  • iOS
  • Android (no longer available). 😦
  • Android Update:  10/1/18 – I contacted the developer and they will be back on the Google Play store in about 1 – 2 weeks after they make some updates.  

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