Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Check out this trick in Google Maps that will lead you back to your car.

If you are traveling in unfamiliar areas or big cities try this trick to have Google Maps keep track of where you parked.

To activate the parking feature:

  • Pair your smartphone to your car using Bluetooth or use a USB cable.
  • Open Google Maps and navigate to a location.
  • When you park and turn off your car, you’ll see your location on the map labeled “You Parked Near Here”.

When you are ready to head back to the car, tap the Google Maps Parking Icon to get directions to your car. You can turn the feature on and off under settings > Navigation.

The Google Parking feature works when you pair your smartphone with your car using Bluetooth.

Another quick tip for finding your car in airport or other large parking lots, is to take a picture of the closest identifying marker.

I’m Francie Black with your Tech Tip Today.