Who needs doggy day care when you can instantly hire a dog walker?  Check out the #1 dog walking and sitting app on today’s App of the Week:

If you are at work, sick or can’t get out to walk your dog; No worries, WAG app can help!

Wag connects you with pet friendly walkers, on-demand. It is kind of like Uber drivers but instead of taking you on a drive, they take your dog on a walk!   Request a dog walker to be there in 20 min or schedule a time. Follow the walk on a map so you know where your pup is at all times. Receive potty notification and a photo report card.

Wag services are insured and bonded. Their walkers are vetted and tested. Your first walk is free. It costs $20 for a 30 min walk.

I’m Francie Black with you App of the Week.

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