Get your DIY home repair project done quickly & easily with the new DIYZ App

DIYZ Home Improvement Video App IconDo you have a home “project” in mind but can’t quite get started? Maybe you are not sure what tools you need, how long it will take, or the exact steps. The new app DIYZ solves all of those problems for you.

I’ve tested hundreds of apps and this one is really well done. It adds value, is well designed and helps you solve problems.

DIYZ offers free professional tutorials for over 120 DIY home improvement projects ranging from lawn and garden to electrical. Each project shows you the difficulty level, estimated time to complete the project and a cost rating. When you’re ready to get to work, the app provides step-by step professionally made instructional videos to walk you through each stage of the project.

Too Displays Video Tutorial, Difficulty, Time & Cost Level
App Displays Video Tutorial, Difficulty, Time & Cost Level

Video Tutorials

The how-to videos are broken down by each major step for the project so you can watch Step 1 or easily jump directly to Step 3. If you can’t complete the project at one time, this feature makes it easy to come back to your project later and pick up where you left off.  You can also watch the videos ahead of time to get educated on exactly the skills and how involved the project will be.

You can certainly find some great how-to videos on YouTube but it may take some time to find a quality video that covers all of the steps. The DIYZ videos are high quality, presented by a professional, cover the details, and are broken down step-by-step.

Tools & Materials

If you don’t have the tools or materials necessary to complete the project – no problem! Every project shows a list of recommended items needed for the task. If you don’t have a specific tool or material, simply order it through Amazon from directly within the app! There is no hunting, searching or driving required!

Stuck? Video Chat with a Pro for Free

If you are not feeling confident or running into trouble with your project simply tap “Free Video Chat” to get immediate advice from a pro! I tested this out and connected with a handyman from PA who was friendly, experienced and ready to help. Tap the video chat button and the app immediately sets up a video call with a professional. I was connected in less than one minute and we were having a video chat conversation. I was testing the app but had it been a real situation, he would be able to look directly at my project and help me.

Professionals are available by video chat during evening hours and weekends when work is being done on most home projects.  The hours are:

  • M-F: 6 PM – 1 AM EDT
  • Sat-Sun: 8 AM – 1 AM ED

Currently video chats are free! In the future, the company is considering charging for calls to a pro. So, get your projects done now! There is no excuse. 😉

DIYZ Home Improvement Video Tutorial App, Meet with a Pro


  • Free
  • Optional in app purchases for tools
  • Possible future purchases to have personal project assitance with a pro

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