Awesome app to find where movies are streaming and who has the best price

Have you ever wanted to stream a movie but find it cumbersome to search through Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon, iTunes and more to determine which service carries the film or who has the best price? The solution: Reelgood app.

You can “Discover” movies that are streaming on over 10 different services by scrolling through the suggested movies or search by title or actors. Tap the desired movie and Reelgood automatically shows you which services stream the movie and at what price.   Swipe left and right to see a full list of streaming services. To watch the movie, just tap the streaming source and it will open the corresponding app to play.

Reelgood App Review and demo Find ot which streaming service carries the movie and at what price

I can’t think of a faster and easier way to find out what movies are playing, where they are playing and who has the cheapest price.

If you are not sure what movie you want to watch, connect with friends through the app to see what movies they recommend and their reviews. Connect the app to your contact list to making adding friends easy.

Watch List

Add movies to your personal “watchlist” to receive notification when the movie becomes available. If a friend or neighbor suggests a movie you add it to your Reelgood watchlist rather than writing it down somewhere.

Seen List

Adding movies to your “seen list” allows you to rate a movie and share your feedback with connected friends and others.

Other key features include

  • See Reelgood user comments and ratings or view friend’s comments & ratings
  • See Rotten Tomato score and Reelgood community score
  • Filter movie choices by selected services (ex: Netflix & Amazon Prime)
  • Display movies by genres
  • Show local showtimes & what is streaming all in one app
  • Use “To See in Common” to see movies on you & your friend’s watchlist
  • See the movie cast & crew
  • Display what movies are coming soon

Apple TV Compatibility

A friend asked “Can I use Reelgood App with my AppleTV”? Yes! There is a companion app for Apple TV 2 in which you can browse and launch movies from your watchlist.

Reelgood is one of my favorite new apps! It is a single easy source to find where a movie is playing (streaming or in theaters), keep a watch list and see recommendations from friends.  I found the app immediately beneficial and have been using it ever since.

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