The new Zagg wireless Pocket Keyboard, winner of an International CES Innovations Design Award, begins shipping March 8th.  This cleverly designed portable keyboard and stand folds into a rectangle about the size of a pencil box (9in X 2.5in  X .5in).  It fits in a coat pocket, purse, or small bag with no keys or buttons exposed.  It reminds me of a Bokugan  toy – it starts off as a common shape then unfolds into a completely different design. It is multi-functional, acting as a stand and keyboard connecting to your device through Bluetooth.  A micro USB cable is used for recharging the lithium ion battery.

The Zagg Pocket Keyboard  supports phones and tablets.  If your phone or tablet case is not bulky you can keep it on while you use the stand.  The keyboard size is about 85% of a traditional desktop keyboard.

Zagg Mobile Portable Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand

Key Features of the Zagg Portable Keyboard

  • Familiarity – The keyboard is has about 85 percent the typing space of a desktop keyboard and is designed to provide a natural typing experience.  
  • Compact – The transformer type design folds into the neat little rectangle box and is light weight.  It is designed for the mobile user – no extra bulk.  
  • Design – Magnets keep the Pocket Keyboard folded and help maintain battery life by automatically turning it off when closed.
  • Dual Functionality – The keyboard and built-in stand securely holds tables and smartphones at an ideal viewing angle.
  • Long Lasting Battery – The powerful lithium polymer battery lasts up to two years of regular use between charges

My experience with the Zagg Keyboard keyboard

I love the keyboard but it took a little practice before I could type fluently.  I had to get used to the position of the keys, the slippery plastic feel and how hard to press.   Initially I had a hard time consistently hitting the Shift, Enter and Space Bar as they are in a slightly different location than on my traditional keypad.  After a little practice time it became comfortable.  I love the duality of the keyboard and stand, as well as, its portability.  It functions great on the road and as a companion at my office desk with my iPhone or iPad.  If you are a mobile user this is a must have.

The Zagg Portable Keyboard is Designed for Apple & Android Devices.  The Zagg portable Keyboard for Apple devices begins shipping starting March 8 however, an Android date is not yet listed.

Direct Purchase Links

  • Amazon – $69.99, for Apple devices (Begins shipping March 8th)
  • Amazon – Android Devices, Not yet listed
  • -$69.99, for Apple & Android devices

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