What custom phrases do you repeatedly type on your iPhone – address, directions, “call you in a min”?  Creating Keyboard “Shortcuts” can save you time and typos.  Keyboard Shortcuts allow you to type a few characters that will automatically fill in an entire phrase.  For Example, if you are frequently sharing your work address or directions via text or email on your iPhone, you can enter 2 or 3 characters and the entire address or directions will automatically be entered.  This works in Messages, Notes, Mail and other apps.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut and corresponding phrases adds the text to Predictive Text, if you have it enabled (see: How to turn predictive text off, on, hide it, reveal it).  See how to use, create, and save Keyboard Shortcuts here.

You can create many Keyboard Shortcuts however, starting off with 1 or 2 will get you familiar with using the shortcuts and you will quickly realize the benefits.  I found that if you create too many to start with, you may forget what keys were used for what phrase and then stop using them altogether.  Starting with 1 or 2 seems to work best.  As you begin to use them regularly, add more.  Once you start using them, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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