Heads Up App Icon Image FIHeads Up, a charades like party game app, makes even the toughest personalites laugh.  Choose a category, makes faces, movements and sounds while your partner holds the smartphone to their forehead.  The trick?  You are being recorded while you are making crazy gestures to get your partner tries to guess the word.  Play back the hilarious video for group fun or share it on Facebook.  If the video is really good, you can send it to Ellen DeGeneris and she might play it on her show.  This charades like game is great fun for groups of 2 to 100 and of any age and is often played by Ellen DeGeneros on her show.  If you need a little activity to spice up your gathering this is a game that will please the crowd.

See how it works on today’s live app chat:


  • $ .99
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone – (limited feature set, categories and some reported bugs)
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