What game has over 80 million registered users, is free and was just released for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch? World of Tanks, the ultimate tank game by wargaming.net has made its transition from a Windows desktop and xBox game to the mobile device with World of Tanks Blitz.  This much anticipated event is creating a stir in the gamers world.   This strategy game is a global phenomenon with individual players to international team gaming competitions.  It is not uncommon to start playing the game and have 30,000 – 40,000 players on a given server!

In our ABC News App review of World of Tanks Blitz we brought in our teenage World of Tanks Gamer expert and pre-game release beta tester.  See what Andruss Black thinks about the new app and watch him play the game live here on ABC News. Why do people like World of Tanks?

Why is World of Tanks so popular?   The graphics are stunning and on the desktop versions the maps are all of real locations.  But what draws people in seems to be different for each individual.  Some players like the fact that you can get into a battle and play the game in 5 to 15 minutes and while the game is not deep in plot (game objective:  try to keep your tank from getting blown up), it involves strategy, planning and teamwork to survive.  Andruss likes the fact that all of the tanks are designed to the specifications of tanks in real life, the gaming maps are all of real locations (on the desktop version) and the wide selection of tanks from which to choose.  Everyone likes the fact that the game is free!  The company makes money when players make in game purchases for virtual armor, guns, radios, first aid kits, etc.  Earnings for Wargaming.net were reported at $372 million in 2013.

Will World of Tanks Blitz be as popular as the World of Tanks desktop/console version?  My guess is, “yes”.   I believe the number of users of WOT Blitz may rapidly surpass those of the console version particularly if the app expands to Android and Windows devices.  Now you can be anywhere/anytime and play the game.

Differences in World of Tanks Blitz mobile app vs. World of Tanks Windows desktop/ xBox console version include:  The mobile version (Blitz) does not interact with desktop/console players.  It is its own version of the game.  The mobile version has 90 tanks as compared to hundreds on the desktop version.   The majority of maps on the desktop version are of real locations.  On the Blitz mobile there are 8 originally created map location.  Currently the mobile app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch).

Key World of Tanks Blitz features:

  • Outstanding graphics with depth and style
  • 7 on 7 Multiplayer Matches
  • Choose from 90 Tanks from the US, USSR and Germany
  • There are eight unique battle Environments
  • In game chat
  • No in game ads!
  • Purchase advanced armor and designs to give you a gaming advantage

Are you in the game?  If not, you can join in fun by downloading the here.

Direct Download Link:


The app requires a large amount of space.  You must download the app while you are on a wi-fi network and not a cellular network.