How do you watch World Cup soccer games on your smartphone?

If you want to watch World Cup soccer on your iPhone, iPad, Android or windows phone you can watch the game live with the Univision Deportes Mobile App.   Not only can you watch the World Cup game live, you can get play-by-play highlights, stats and alerts for game activity.   You can be by the pool or on the beach and never miss a World Cup game.  This is not just a streaming video app.  It is full featured app for staying on top of the World Cup games.  The streaming live video is just one of the many great features. (See direct download links at bottom of post)

See a demo of how Univision mobile app works.

This app goes far beyond just watching a World Cup game live and offers a wide variety of features.  If you are at work and are unable to watch a game you can set alerts for game start, scoring play, half time and game final notifications.  You can also get just about any stat you want including, team stats, who scored, discipline cards, shots, corners, fouls, yellow cards, red cards, and substitutions.

While watching the game live or for any past game, you can see video clips on just about every 2 to 3 seconds of the game.  The title highlights the player’s name so if you want to watch clips by a specific player you can see those videos.  If you missed a goal, corner kick or any key event, you can watch them in the highlights section.  There is also a complete play-by-play module that detail almost every minute of the game.

For social shares, you can tap on any of the game highlights and mail, tweet, and share directly from the Univision Deportes app.

On Univision Deportes the game is announced in Spanish.  Although I don’t know Spanish I find watching the game in Spanish a great experience and makes feel like I am there.  The announcers are full of energy and when they shout gooooooooooooooooooooal it is thrilling.

Data Usage:  Be aware that data usage rates for your carrier may apply.  If you have access to a wi-fi connection, you can save data usage by connecting to a wireless network.  Watching the games over a cellular network will use a considerable amount of data.

Depending on signal strength you may get a slight delay in the video feed.  I ran a test with multiple devices watching the game and one feed was just slightly behind the other.  I did not perceive it as a problem, just an interesting detail.  The Univision Deportes app is by Univision Interactive Media a popular source of Hispanic news, entertainment and websites.

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