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Card Scanner by Zoho App IconHow do you keep track of those important contacts that hand you a business card? Today we are going to look at an app that is a must have for anyone using their mobile devices for business.

If you have been at a meeting or conference and have a stack of business cards, how do you keep track of those important contacts?

While it is important to have the contact information electronically the real power comes by bringing those contacts into your other business systems that track sales leads, customers, invoicing, etc.

We are going to look at two business card scanning apps: Zoho Card Scanner and World Scan. Zoho does an outstanding job of properly scanning the information on a card, even if the card has unique designs. It also seamlessly integrates the contacts into Zoho’s other business applications. World Scan has the option to integrate the contacts directly into your current Contacts on your smart phone.

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  • $4.99

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