Zoho Invoices for Business:  App Review 

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Zoho Invoice App Review IconIs your business harnessing the power and efficiency that mobile apps offer?

Today we review an app that saves businesses time and money by creating hassle free customer estimates, invoices and reporting from your mobile device.  This app, focused on small to medium businesses, saves time and effort.  Learn how your company can “go mobile” on this App Chat.



Zoho Invoices Product Demo

Zoho Invoice Features
  • Easy, straight forward, invoice creation (no training required)
  • Easily turn estimates directly into invoices (with ability to modify details if needed)
  • Enter or import product and customer info
  • Easily track expenses and convert to invoices
  • Easily track time for reporting or easy conversion to customer invoice
  • Accept online payment through various payment options (Paypal, stripe, 2Checkout, etc.)
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Automated reports (no configuring necessary!) – payment history
  • Apply partial or full payments to invoice
  • Track Recurring Payments & Invoices
  • Clean, organized, logical user interface
  • Can customize invoices with color and logo
Zoho Invoices Pros and Cons
  • Zoho is very easy to use
  • Streamlines the estimate, invoice process
  • Works best for small to medium businesses
  • Integrates with full scale accounting programs
  • Integrates with other Zoho apps
  • It does not work offline.  (ex:  You can’t add expenses while you are on an airplane)
  • The individual app is not expensive but if use the suite of products it can start getting pricy
  • Free = 1 User | 5 Customers
  • $15.00 per mo = 3 Users | 500 Customers
  • $30.00 per mo = Unlimited Users | Unlimited Customers
Supported Platforms
  • iOS
  • Android,
  • Amazon Apps
  • Web
Other Zoho Products
Zoho has an entire suite of business and productivity applications.  A few of them are:
  • Books (full accounting software)
  • CRM (customer relationship software)
  • LiveDesk (customer support software)
  • Recruit (Applicant tracking)
  • Notebook (Online wordprocessing)
  • And many more…etc.
Alternative Invoicing Apps
There is a large selection of invoicing apps available.  They range from simple invoicing to complex accounting packages.  Here are a few popular alternatives:
  • Expensify Bills & Invoices  – Expensify has an excellent expense reporting software that does not require you to be connected to the internet to input expenses (i.e., you can input expenses on an airplane) however, I have not tested the Bills & Invoice components but I would expect it to be very good.  It integrates with a full featured web based application.
  • Quickbooks – If you are already using Quickbooks then this is probably the way to go for invoice apps.  The user interface is fair but integrates directly into its accounting software.
  • Invoice ASAP – A popular choice for quick invoicing.
More info:
www.zoho.com – Link to website for more info
App Download Links:
Zoho Invoice App for iOS  – App Store link to Zoho Invoice app
Zoho Invoice App for Anroid – Google Play store link download link for Zoho Invoice
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