Do you need a wallet for all of your online passwords?  How many passwords do you have to remember for your computers, bank accounts, social websites, email accounts, credit cards, etc?

Keeper Password and Data Vault App Reviews and FeaturesWith Keeper® Security you can securely store all of your passwords and private account information in one place. It is as simple as a tap and go and encrypted for security.

This app is a must have! It sits on my iPhone home screen.

Keeper Password and Data VaultIn addition to storing your password, Keeper has a unique feature of being able to use the app to securely log into a website from within the Keeper  app.  You can store your login & passwords in the app with the corresponding website link.  Tap the link to connect you with the website and Keeper will input the login & password information for you.

Keeper Password and Data VaultWhile the primary features are  obvious, there are some more advanced features you can use and purchase.  Keeper® recently announced integration with browsers on the desktop.   This app is much more than a wallet for logins & passwords but if that is all you need, it is excellent for that.

The base features are free and you can do an in App upgrade for additional services such as cloud backup, syncing between systems, and Live Support, etc.



Keeper® Password and Data Vault  is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for iPhone, iPad, Mac computers as well as Android Devics and web browsers.

Keeper Password and Data Vault• Organize and access your passwords and private information